At Venice Lutheran School, the Parent Teacher Student League (PTSL) coordinates much of our year-round fundraising activities. Participating in these fundraising events is important to the health and stability of our school. Venice Lutheran School’s tuition does not fully fund the cost of a Venice Lutheran School education. By giving to these fundraising opportunities, you help to make up this difference. Money earned goes into the PTSL budget for technology, laptops, computer maintenance, music program, field trips, assemblies and facilities like carpet, paint and classroom supplies. Parents, alumni, past parents, grandparents, and friends can all play a part in supporting the school. Every dollar makes a difference!

RALPHS: (Easy, easy, easy) Print a copy of a Ralphs scan below. The next time you shop (after September 1), give it to the cashier to scan along with your Ralphs Rewards card/Phone Number. You only need to do this once and you are then enrolled for the year. Give a copy to your family and friends to use to register their cards too!

• Go to
• Click on (1) “Sign up its free”
• @ supporter registration follow the 6 easy steps to enroll in the program. Enter our name – “Venice Lutheran School”
• Already enrolled? Scroll to bottom of the home page and click on “Yes” “Renew your commitment to Safeway Stores”

MAGAZINE DRIVE: In late September through mid October, parents have an opportunity to raise 50% profit through magazine subscriptions, renewals, and gift purchases. Each family is credited with an equivalent amount toward their yearly fundraising commitment. Information will be handed out in September. New magazine subscriptions and renewals can be made online all year long, and families are credited with 40% of the purchase for their fundraising commitment.

YEAR-ROUND ONLINE GIFT ORDERS: Parents can purchase magazines, CDs, wrapping paper, jewelry, novelty gifts, candy, and more online 365-days a year through Great American Opportunities. You earn 40% of the purchase price toward your fundraising commitment. The products are shipped directly to your homes.
• Log-on to: www.gaschool
• Venice Lutheran School Number: 2575215

GIFT CARDS: When you buy gift cards, our PTSL keeps a percentage of the purchase, which varies from 2% to 15%, depending on the merchant. A list of merchants who offer gift cards is available in the school office and at the church’s Sunday Morning Welcome Table. Also, every Friday morning gift cards are on sale in the school yard along with free coffee.

FUNdRUN: During the last quarter of the year our students solicit sponsors to support a Jog-a-thon that is held on a spring afternoon on and around our school facility. Children estimate how many laps they can complete over a 1 and ½ hour period of time. Sponsors make a pledge to contribute to their run.

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION: Box Tops for Education logos are located on General Mills cereals, Betty Crocker products & many others. Each logo is worth 10 cents each. Mail or turn in to the school office.

TARGET Take Charge of Education: Credit Card holders can designate a school to receive 1% of the purchase. (To register, search online: Target Take Charge of Education)

OFFICE DEPOT 5% Back to School: for purchasing student school supplies such as notebook paper, pens/pencils, note pads, etc. (Big ticket items do not qualify.) Our school ID is 70016218.

LAND’S END: Order school clothing online at Lands’ End donates 3% of your purchase to the school if you submit our school ID number, which is 9000-2734-3.

Average Annual Profit from PTSL Fundraisers
Magazine Drive $11,000
Ralph’s $2,000
Von’s $1,500
Gift Cards $400
Box tops for Education $250
Target Credit Cards $300
Land’s End $ 50
Spring Fund Raiser (varies) $2,000
FUNdRUN (jog/walk-athon) $8,000

How the Profits are/have been Spent
Classroom remodeling
Playground play structure and matting
Classroom Technology
Computers/ Printers/ Software/ Networking
LCD Projectors
Bathroom Remodel
Resurface playground
Classroom Painting/Carpeting
Basketball backboards and goalposts
Assemblies/Field Trips
Picnic tables and school garden project

Venice Lutheran School fundraising opportunities: