On the Playground

Recess gives students a necessary break from their studies. Yet perhaps more importantly, recess is a time where lessons of life are learned. On the playground, students are given unstructured playtime where they create their games, their rules, and learn to share time and space with other classmates. Teachers supervise and help their charges understand the give and take of relationship building. The spiritual aspect of our school happens on the playground. Here students put into practice what they are taught in the classroom, how to “love their neighbor as they love themselves.”

Recesses are broken into two groups: Kindergarten through 4th grade and 5th through 8th grades. Our campus, with its friendly, open layout and central quad, provides a place for  students to gather. There is a play structure with a slide, bars and cushioned matt as well as traditional games of hopscotch, tetherball, basketball and jump rope. There is also an outdoor locker where athletic equipment is kept and can be checked out on a first-come first-served basis. Two students are elected as “ball monitors” and two as “bathroom monitors” in each recess group. Students are given the responsibility of maintaining clean and organized common areas for everyone to use.