Parent Involvement

We believe that the home bears the primary responsibility in the upbringing of a child. Time, energy, and sacrifice are needed from parents to insure that the proper nurturing of character, formation of God-pleasing values, and development of good habits are realized in a child. Venice Lutheran School is dedicated to providing a school environment where positive spiritual, academic, social, and emotional growth can take place in each child. We stand committed to helping you fulfill your parental responsibilities within the framework of our school philosophy.

To promote understanding and provide the support needed to make our school the best possible growing environment for your child, we believe that your commitment in the following three areas is necessary:

We encourage all families to strengthen their relationship with God and each other by worshipping at the church of their choice.

Parent Service Program
• Provide 12 hours of parental involvement in some area of service to the school during the year.
• Participate in our Parent Teacher Student League (PTSL) fundraisers.

Parent involvement is a key ingredient of a good school. In addition to improved quality of educational environment, parent involvement also helps to keep school fees down. Parents are expected to be involved in the school in two ways: parent service hours and fundraising.

Parent Service Hours
Parents are expected to provide 12 hours of service to the school during the year. Prior to the start of the school year, an information form listing service hour opportunities is distributed to parents and returned to the school office. When parents help the school, its programs, or classroom activities, they fill out a Parent Service Form and return it to the school office. Parents do not receive credit for service hours for merely attending student-centered activities, such as Back to School Night, Christmas programs, Art and Science Fairs, Picnics, etc., unless a specific contribution, like serving refreshments, was provided. One hour per family is credited for attending a regular PTSL business meeting. Parents who do not fulfill the required hours are billed $15 per uncompleted hour to maintain enrollment eligibility.

Fundraising Credit and Hours
It is with fundraising dollars that specialized equipment, computer hardware and software, playground equipment, field trips, assemblies, and much more are purchased to enhance our students’ education. Parents are required to submit the fundraising fee prior to the start of the school year. Profit earned by each family for our school during the year is credited to their account. If the minimum requirement is met each year, the deposit is returned at the completion of their children’s last year of enrollment. If the minimum requirement is not met in a given year, the unfulfilled amount is billed during the summer for the next school year.

PTSL (Parent Teacher Student League)

As part of the PTSL, parents give their time and effort to coordinate much of the year-round fundraising activities on behalf of the school. There are many opportunities for every parent to be involved and contribute to the well-being of our school. Fundraising activities are listed below:

Mixed Bag Fundraiser

Silent Auction
Fall Festival
Book Fair
Scrip and Value Cards
Grocery Store Rewards Program
Box Tops for Education


School Fees
Parents who do not fulfill their financial obligations or the above commitments,  forfeit their children’s priority enrollment status. However, a child will not automatically excluded for enrollment consideration when parents do not fulfill these commitments.