Lunch Program

Students may purchase the school lunch, or they may choose to bring their own lunch on a day-by-day basis. Lunches are prepared fresh daily on site. The meals meet national nutritional guidelines while offering entrees that kids love. Each lunch comes with a choice of low-fat white milk, non-fat chocolate milk, bottled water, or juice.

A menu is distributed at the beginning of each month. Students order lunch on a monthly basis. In the morning, teachers take a lunch and beverage count and add any students who need an “Emergency Lunch”.

Students who bring a sack lunch may purchase beverages without ordering the hot lunch. Our kitchen facilities are not available for students to heat or refrigerate food brought from home.

The cost for lunch program and beverages is publicized at the beginning of each school year. Our lunch program director keeps record of lunches and beverages ordered using the charts. Parents are billed at the end of each month along with tuition and day care charges.