Student Dress Code

It is our philosophy to encourage the expression of individuality through the development of character rather than through appearance. We believe school uniforms are not meant to make fashion statements. Students are expected to be neat, clean and appropriate in their grooming and dress at all times, including off-campus, school-sponsored activities. The administration reserves the right to determine if students’ attire or appearance complies with the established policy.

Boys & Girls Uniform Clothing
• Solid white, navy, light blue, or forest green polo shirts or turtlenecks
• White blouse or button-down oxford shirt
• Solid, plain navy jackets only, except for rain jackets.
• Navy or forest green sweaters and sweatshirts
• Uniform-style navy or khaki cotton twill pants
• Uniform-style navy or khaki cotton twill walking shorts
• Grades 3-8 must wear belts
• Girls: Navy or khaki skirts, skorts, jumpers, or capris
• Girls: Navy-and-dark-green plaid skirts or jumpers

Friday’s School Spirit T-Shirt & Free Dress Day
Each year the staff develops a school theme. T-shirts based on this theme are printed and given to the entire student body. On most Fridays during the year students may wear the themed t-shirt instead of a uniform shirt. (With teacher permission, students may also wear the shirts and denim on field trips.) On Fridays we also offer students “Spirit T-Shirt & Free Dress Day”. For two dollars, they may wear “Free Dress” pants, shorts, or skirts along with the school’s yearly themed t-shirt.  Money collected helps to fund the purchase of T-shirts for the following school year.

Free Dress Day
Approximately one time per month we have free dress days.
Students are allowed wear clothing within the following guidelines:

• No clothing with inappropriate advertising, slogans, or graphics.
• Sneakers/tennis shoes only may be worn.
• Not permitted are styles of dress and jewelry which tend to be unsafe or distracting (such as tight, extreme over-sized, frayed, or torn clothing, bare midriffs, short shorts, tank tops, etc.)