Our school is equipped with 35 computers for student use, 15 classroom computer stations and a cart of 20 wireless laptops, which have high-speed access to the Internet. It is our goal that students graduate from Venice Lutheran School with the skills needed to use the computer efficiently for future educational and occupational endeavors.

Early Grades: Students in Grades K-2 receive basic instruction in computer use. They use programs to enhance their learning in curricular areas such as language arts, math, and social studies.

Students in Grades 3-4 receive instruction weekly in one area of our curriculum standards listed below. In addition they are required to improve their keyboarding skills on their home computers using the web-based typing program Type to Learn 4.

Middle Grades: Students in Gr. 5-8 are required to bring to school each day a portable electronic device with keyboard: laptop, iPad, or tablet. They are expected to become proficient computer users and advance towards meeting the National Educational Technology Standards for 8th Graders. As their skill level in keyboarding and applications grows, the computers are used increasingly to complete assignments and projects across the curriculum. All middle-grade students work and progress individually in math, using a web-based program, Accelerated Math, published by Renaissance Learning, and in Spanish, using Rosetta Stone.

General Computer Content Areas
• Review our school’s computer policies and related ethical issues
• Familiarize students with our computer network
• Improvement of keyboarding speed and accuracy
• Review features of an operating system
• Instruction in the features of a word-processing program (Word)
• Instruction in the features of a spreadsheet (Excel)
• Instruction in the features of a presentation program (PowerPoint)
• Incorporating images and pictures into above applications
• Instruction in features of a database program (Access)
• Internet use for communication, information gathering, and analysis