Venice Lutheran School subscribes to Stephen Krashen’s principles of second language acquisition. In a nut shell, “humans acquire language in only one way – by understanding messages or by receiving “comprehensible input.”

Early Grades
Students in Grades 1-4 have two Spanish class periods per week. A video series produced by the foreign language department of Northern Arizona University forms the basis for instruction.

Middle Grades
Students in Grades 5-8 have two Spanish class periods per week. They progress at their own rate using the acclaimed Rosetta Stone program. The program is web based, so students can work on their lessons anytime and anywhere they have an Internet connection.

The goals of our Spanish program are:

  • To introduce a second language to young children while their speech patterns are still malleable.
  • To facilitate a more rapid acquisition of a foreign language
    in high school.
  • To imbue in our students a greater empathy for the Spanish
    culture of the Southwest.

Language acquisition in early life begins with listening and mimicking sound, and only later are the skills of reading and writing introduced. We believe, like Krashen, that instruction in a second language should focus on comprehensible auditory input and developing skill in auditory output.