Single and Dual Grade Instruction

How do double-grade classrooms work at Venice Lutheran School? Students in one grade share a “homeroom” with another grade and are taught many subjects together. These classes include science, social studies, religion, art, music, and physical education. The content of each subject alternates from year to year, so that children will have studied the same subject matter at the end of their two years in each classroom. Older students have the opportunity to mentor younger students when needed.

Students in the two grades are separated into single grades for instruction in the key core subjects of math, reading, and language arts, where sequential learning of content is essential. The instruction takes place in separate classrooms with a student-teacher ratio of 12:1. We believe that one major reason why our students are so successful academically when they leave our school is because of our small-class instruction program in these fundamental subject areas.

Surveys of our school parents consistently confirm that our solid academics and small school size are the top two reasons why they have chosen to enroll their children at Venice Lutheran School.