Children of all faith backgrounds are welcomed into our Venice Lutheran School family. About 20% of our students are members of First Lutheran Church. Most other students come from homes of other Christian denominations or of no specific religious background. Our instructional goal in religion is to teach, by word but primarily example, the fundamental principles of Christianity. Jesus commanded His followers to “Love the Lord, your God, and you neighbor, as yourself.” Putting this principle into action is a worthy life-time undertaking.

Religion lessons at all grade levels focus on how we can apply Bible stories to our lives today. Each day, except Wednesday, begins with a five-to-ten-minute devotion in the classroom. On Wednesday the entire student body assembles in the church for chapel time, a corporate worship, which includes songs, prayers, lesson, and an offering, sharing some of our material blessings with people in need. Prayers of thanks are also offered before lunchtime and prayers of God-speed at dismissal.