VLS Curricula

Kindergarten readiness becomes a critical, determining factor of future scholastic achievement. Developmental readiness includes emotional, social, and physical components as well as cognitive abilities. Chronological age plays a part in readiness. In general, children who start kindergarten as older members of the group have a greater likelihood of finding success and enjoyment in their daily tasks. The curriculum of our kindergarten program is based on California’s developmentally appropriate content standards. We purposefully want to “leave no child behind.”

Morning – The morning instruction consists of all of the subject areas and skills development needed for first grade readiness: reading, math, social studies and science, religion, music, art, fine and large motor skills, listening, speaking, handwriting, staying on task, and working and playing appropriately with peers.
Afternoon – The afternoon program reinforces many of the skills taught in the morning, focusing less on academics and more on motor skills and social interaction. The schedule includes lunch, outdoor play activities, story time, quiet time, learning centers for reading, computer, manipulatives, art, music, and educational games.

Grades 1 – 8 Core Curricula
The core curricula at Venice Lutheran School  are based on the content standards established by the California Department of Education. Where feasible, textbooks and supplementary materials approved by the state are adopted and used in the classrooms at all grade levels. Four major companies with elementary and secondary divisions publish materials to meet California standards. New materials are produced on a six-year cycle for each curricular area. For a listing of California’s content standards and approved curriculum materials, you may visit:  http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/

Areas of instruction include – Bible study, reading, language arts, spelling, mathematics, social studies, science, Spanish, computer, music, art, handwriting, and physical education.

Curricular programs currently in use at Venice Lutheran School include: Scott Foresman (Pearson) and Harcourt Brace reading, Prentice Hall literature, Saxon math, McGrawHill social studies, Shurley English, Houghton Mifflin and Holt science.